Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Cambridge Style Week Highlights, Part One!


So last week was crazily hectic for me, as I had the awesome job of DJing for Cambridge Style Week during the evenings, which means I also got to be right in the action, meet some fabulous people and be a part of some amazing catwalk shows! I absolutely love the excitement of a fashion show, and being able to choose the right music and set the mood for each collection/designer was an amazing privilege.

First up was Wednesdays 'Celebration of Colour'. Here were my highlights;

PAYSA Wearable Art

PAYSA Wearable Art had some absolutely beautiful designs which exploded with colour on the catwalk. With some fab photos from Dean Ireland-Photography !

Clamp Optometrists

 The show sponsors, Clamp Optometrists also showcased some amazing eyewear on the catwalk too!

Reyhan Yazici

Above photograph by Fotograph Portretowy.

Thursdays 'Celebration of Design'

Thursday was a pretty unique day as it was also a charity gala for the NSPCC and Born to Be Beautiful. These are really lovely causes and the evening also featured a very entertaining auction where a decent amount of money was raised to support these charities. The show itself also showcased local student designers as well as local boutiques 'My One and Only' and 'Cuckoo Clothing'.

The below pictures are taken from the ARU Fashion Design Students collection. The shapes and cuts of some of the outfits were quirky and eccentric which made for an impressive catwalk show.

Adrian Burac

Layla Cheshem-Panam

I can't find the names of the above and below designers but I loved these pieces too.

Also loved these matching dresses from My One and Only.

Fridays 'Celebration of Form'

Friday was all about swimwear and underwear, which was great, especially as we gradually move into summer :) The below photos were selections taken by Dean Ireland Photography.

There was so much choice from this show, really, so it was hard to be selective and not just relay everything as I liked it all. But I particularly liked the block colour mixed with prints on the bikinis below from Rigby and Peller, so I thought I'd highlight them :)

Photos by Fotograph Portretowy.

Plus great selections from Prohibido.

Above left photo taken by Fotograph Portretowy.  Right photo taken from CSW twitter.

Thanks to Dean Ireland Photography  and Fotograph Portretowy for allowing me to use their great photographs :) sand Cambridge Style Week as well.

I will continue my highlights for the weekend shows in my next post!

What do you think of the catwalk selections above? Let me know :)

Alice x


  1. These are such great looks, especially the bikinis! How cool it must have been to go to a fashion show :)

    1. Hey Sara! Thanks for dropping by :) yes I was utterly spoiled with fashion shows last week, I went to 7 of them! great fun. x

  2. great post, dear)
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

    1. Hi Oksana! Your blog is great! Following you :) x

  3. I like that the models are not stick thin. The fashions were spectacular!