Monday, 7 April 2014

Cambridge Style Week Part 2!


Here are my highlights from the second half of Cambridge Style Week! There were four shows over the weekend and luckily for me I got great seats for all of them in the sound production area!

What I loved most about CSW wasn't just the amazing pieces, impressive set creation and extremely professional coordinators and volunteers. I also loved the fact that they showcased local businesses and fashion brands which were also affordable. That's not to say that more high end, extravagant pieces didn't make an appearance (and there's a place for them too) but it was pretty great that I could see an outfit I liked, look it up and purchase it relatively guilt free. On that note, I do still have a bit of a list to go through. CSW either fortunately, or unfortunately, (depending on how you look at it) fell over my payday :).

Saturday early - Celebration of Spring

The Celebration of Spring was a fabulously colourful show with local designers Baska, Modish Shoes, Cuckoo Clothing, Bags Etc. Boudoir Femme were the last collection on stage, who I came across previously whilst in the Decadence Fashion Shows - so it was really nice to see them on the catwalk.

Here were my favourites;

Cuckoo Clothing

Some great and floaty designs from Cuckoo!

Boudoir Femme

Really lovely translucent shimmery colours from Boudoir Femme, a locally based boutique.

Saturday Evening - A Celebration of Performance

Saturday evening was all about the power of performance, with the return of  Clamp Optometrists to the catwalk, along with Hobbs, Brooks Clothing Agency, Debenhams menswear, B Jewellery, and local boutique, Rosie's Vintage.

My favourites were Hobbs, who showcased some fabulous work wear.

I also really loved pretty much everything in Rosies Vintage Collection;

Brooks also had some lovely floaty pieces too..

And not forgetting some really great menswear from Debenham's as well!

Sundays shows 'A Celebration of Family' and a 'Celebration of Cambridge' were two very different affairs. The Celebration of Family was adorable with the children's wear, especially as it fell on Mother's day! But my highlights from the Sunday was definitely the finale show, which finished everything off very nicely.

The Celebration of Cambridge featured Oska, Russell &Bromley, French Connection, LK Bennett, and Podarok.  The accessories really stole the show for me, amongst lots of amazing designs.

First up Russell and Bromley with their bright arm candy!

And last on the stage were Podarok, a lovely local design company, who make quirky accessories. The collection was very floaty and dream like, and closed the show perfectly.

Cambridge Style Week was a fantastic week of designs and I can't wait until next year!

Personally I loved that the week really supported local designers, and its inspired me to put on a small scale show of my own in Peterborough to showcase local brands over here, too. Watch this space :)

Which designers inspire you? Let me know!

Alice x

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  1. love that first dress!! such nice shape and colours X