Sunday, 13 April 2014

Strong Prints and Vintage Looks


I thought I'd share some photos I took recently in London  - I got to play around with some different outfits/styles all afternoon, and mess around with my hair and makeup across the shoot, which was good fun :)

Right: Shirt - River Island

Below: Vintage leather jacket

                                                               Below: Playsuit - Bank
 I painted my nails white - which is my favourite nail colour at the moment, its pretty on trend, and I love that it goes with any outfit as well!

Both River Island and Bank are my two usual initial high street go to spots for clothes - I really like some of the outfits they get in and they're fairly good affordability wise. I love other high street shops too but these are two of my favourites. Of course for you thrifties out there ebay is always a good spot to get past or current season stock even cheaper, which is often one of my tricks!

What are your favourite outfits at the moment? Do you shop in Bank and River Island too?

Alice x


  1. Thanks for the post!! Love it! :)
    Isabel x